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Monday, January 12, 2015


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tra Raffaello e Michelangelo (p.4)

Study for a Holy Family;
Drawn with a pen in sepia; Signed 'P'

The Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saint Anthony Abbot, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Julian the Hospitaler, Saint Roch, and Saint Mary Magdalen

Design for a chapel, with the Annunciation, the Assumption and the Coronation of the Virgin

The Visitation; the Virgin and St Elizabeth greeting each other
Formerly attributed to Francesco Salviati

Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple (below),
Abraham about to Sacrifice Isaac (above)

Design for the decoration of the altar wall of a church

Verso -Similar composition but with the Virgin and Child seated within an architectural framework

The Descent from the Cross (recto/verso)

Study For A Dead Christ,The Louvre

St Paul overcoming the viper (recto/verso)

Studies of an episcopal saint, one seen from behind, and of a female martyr

Seated Church Father (Saint Augustine) with Putti, late 16th century

Saint Paul defeating the beast

Saints Peter and John Healing a Cripple at the Gate of the Temple

Saint Peter and Saint John Healing a Cripple at the Gate of the Temple

Pope Paul III presenting an olive branch to a female figure personifying Rome, design for a circular medal

Project for a Wall Decoration

Design for an altarpiece

Design for the decoration of a chapel in S Marcello, Rome

Design for the decoration of a lunette

Three designs for an ornamental oval frame

Three designs for a lectern

Design for a circular metal dish

Design for a chest

Design for a triumphal arch for the entry of Charles V into Genoa (recto)

Design for a ceiling decoration

Design for a panel of ornament, including the arms of an ecclesiastic (Mario Ruffini); four nude winged figures below

The wall hangings decorated the walls of the Palazzo Doria Pamphili, the palace of Admiral Andrea Doria in Genoa. He was given the palace in 1528 by the city of Genoa as a reward for successfully defending the city.

Wool & silk

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Emil Orlik (5) Women paintings

Sitzende junge dame,1927

Sitzende junge Frau, 1927

Bildnis einer jungen Frau, 1919

Bildnis einer jungen Frau im grünen Kleid, 1917

Im Atelier bei elektrischem Licht ,c.1928

Frau auf dem Diwan,1916




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Emil Orlik-Still life paintings

Blumenstillleben mit Alpenveilchen,1914

Still Life with Roses and Fruit,1925

Früchte und Rosen, 1909


Stilleben mit Früchten, Rosen und Tuch, 1915 -1920

Stilleben Mit Fruchtschale
Hannover Landesmuseum


Bunter Blumenstrauss in blauer Vase auf einer Brüstung

Blumenstilleben mit blauer Vase,1910

Nelken im Glas,1900

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