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Monday, February 28, 2011

Emil Orlik -Japonisme


Japanisches Mädchen unter Weidenbaum,1902
colour woodcut

Figur unter Weidenbaum,1902
colour woodcut and counterproof in black

Woman Carrying Wood In Winter

Ein Windstoß, 1901, Farbholzschnitt

Regentag in Kyoto - Rainy Day in Kyoto,1901

Japanerin in Winterkleid (Profil) -
Japanese Woman in Winterdressv (Profile)1901

Japanerin im Winterkleid -- Japanese woman in winter clothes,1902

Drei Japanische Mädchen - Three Japanese Girls,c.1901

Two Japanese Maidens,1900

Japanische Schauspielerin - Japanese Actress,1901

Seated Geisha with Fan,c.1901

Schreibendes Mädchen,1901

Sitzende Geisha - Seated Geisha,1901

Die Courtisane, or Mädchen aus Niingata,1902

Zwei Geishas,1900



Geisha (2)

Portrait of a seated woman wearing a kimono ,1903

Woman resting

Bei der Toilette - Japan,1902

Sonnenflecken. Dämmerung II (Japan). 1897-1902

Interior with two women dressed in tradittional Japanese costume behind a screen,1904

Japanerin mit Kind auf dem Arm - Japanese Woman with Child on her Arm,1901

Japanese Mother and Child on a Bench,1902

Japanerin mit Kind auf dem Arm - Japanese Woman with Child on her arm,1902

Japanische Bäuerin - Japanese Peasant Woman,1902

Japanischer Knabe - Japanese boy,1901


Japanische Kinder als Zuschauer bei einem Umzug -
Japanese Children watching a Parade,1902

Two Japanese women carrying toddlers on their backs.

Maler, Holzschneider und Drucker in Japan -
Painter, Woodcutter and Printer in Japan,1903

Japanischer Taschenspieler - Japanese Actor,1901

Japanischer Schneider - Japanese Tailor,1902

Ruhende Rickshazieher - Kurumaya, resting rickshawman,1900

Wagenzieher, Japan - Ricksha Pullers, Japan,1900
Two men dressed in traditional Japanese costume standing in front of a screen facing each other

Fuji Pilgrims

A large group of Japanese pilgrims
dressed in traditional costume are walking down a path, ascending mount Fuji -1901,Woodcut on oriental paper

A vase of flowers next to a Japanese netsuke. 1932-7

Still life with fruit, flowers and a pheasant, 1905

Emil Orlik Prints

*Woodcut,drypoint,etching ...
**to be continued

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Perino del Vaga-Tra Raffaello e Michelangelo (p.2)

Update 2

San Giorgio uccide il drago e figure mitologiche
Firenze, Uffizi

La Carita Romana, Fresco

Tarquinius Superbus Founds the Temple of Jove on the Capitol-Virtual Uffizi

La Justice de Séleucos
Fresco transferred to canvas
Removed in 1830 from Palazzo Baldassini in Rome together with the other fresco

The Fall of the Giants (1531-33)
Fresco, 640 x 920 cm
Palazzo dei Principe, Genoa
La Villa del Principe, Palazzo di Andrea Doria a Genova-Wiki
clickable (1300x765)

La Caduta dei Giganti

Giove che folgora i Giganti ribelli
Palazzo Doria Pamphili- Villa del principe

Bonaccorsi Pietro detto Perin del Vaga

Giove che fulmina i Giganti-(stampa)
Anderloni Faustino


Battaglia tra Centauri e Lapiti 1542-1543 circa
affresco strappato applicato su areolam, cm 70 x 90
Roma, Caserma Giacomo Acqua - Proprietà dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma


The Raising of Lazarus
Fresco transferred to canvas

© Trustees of the British Museum

Perino del Vaga- formerly attributed to Niccolò del Abbate (1509.12 - 1571)Studies for a Picture of a Lady playing the Virginals

Inscribed funerary altar or base (Verso-Recto)
Pen and pencil sketches (including a head in red chalk) in the manner of Raphael (Ashby).

to be continued

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