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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Santiago Rusiñol -продолжение

"Between 1889 and 1899, Santiago Rusiñol carried out, in the flesh, the artist’s challenge of making artistic creation a channel to explore boundaries. Added to this exploration was the addiction to morphine that would determine the artist’s life and work as of 1894, the year coinciding with the creation of two of Rusiñol’s most emblematic painting, La morfina and La medalla, and the discovery of one of the quintessential themes in both Rusiñol’s painting and literature: the abandoned garden. The treatment the artist underwent to cure himself of his morphine addiction starting in 1899 and the operation performed on him which, one year later, left him with just one kidney, prevented the artist from succumbing to the abyss and caused him to enter a new creative phase, marked by his dedication to theater with an increasingly greater commercial vision and his specialization in painting gardens all over Catalonia and Spain (Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Gerona, Aranjuez, Cuenca, Arbecies), with brief but significant forays in Italy."

(первая часть с садами-(здесь)

все посты с тегом "Русиньол"

Картины, написанные в период зависимости ...:

Before The Morphine


Morphine 1894

La última receta

"Лицо богемы" того периода (*болезные какие) :

Canudas enfermo

Portrait of Eric Satie

Un bohemio

Modesto Sanchez Ortiz

продолжение следует....


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